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Course curriculum

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    How to Become a Pilot: Lite

    • Welcome to the Course

    • Meet your Trainer

    • Tell me about you

    • Aviation Medicals

    • Security Restrictions to Becoming a Pilot

    • How old can you be to be a pilot?

    • Introduce Yourself to Flying

    • What's Next

    • Join the Community

    • Your Course Checklist


"Chris is a very capable pilot with strict adherence to SOP’s and excellent CRM. He has extensive world wide experience and exceptional flying skills." - Dominic O'Nions, Captain, Phenix Jet



Chris Sambolec

I have been flying for over 20 years with experience as an instructor, cargo operations, airlines and business aviation. My experience has taken me all around the world and I have had the opportunity to fly amazing aircraft such as the MD-11, A330 and G650ER. I completed a degree in Aviation Management and have been heavily involved in safety departments so I am passionate about bringing knowledge to the next generation of pilots and encouraging safe attitudes and mindsets.


"Always professional, thoughtful and detail oriented. Highly recommend him for events that require a top level professional" - Capt. Thomas Rutherford

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